It’s Been Way Tooooo Long

IMG_3537-editIts been 2 months since I’ve posted, so sorry.  Now that the holidays are over I’m hoping to get back in to a routine, whatever that is.  Mid November didn’t seem to bring too many changes with Hayden, I didn’t really feel like she was doing anything new and wasn’t getting any bigger as her 3-6 month clothes seemed to still hang on her.  We had her 6 month appointment and the beginning of December with a new doctor and voiced my concerns, especially since we had just started solids and we noticed excessive spit up and she seemed to be a little more fussy.  She just didn’t seem to be herself.  The pediatrician said it sounded like Reflux, which could be treated by always keeping her elevated, even when she sleeps.  So, for the past month she has been sleeping in her swing or car seat and we change her on her back.  The pediatrician also recommended we start feeding her 3 times and day to help weigh down the milk.  This has seemed to help but we still have a spit up problem, not as excessive, but cloth bibs have become apart of her daily wardrobe 🙂  Laundry is never, ever, ever ending.  I didn’t think she would have enough dirty clothes to make up a full load, but I was wrong.  My day consists of wearing sweats because I have to change at least once during the day and don’t want to stain my regular clothes.  Fun times.  Today we go to see if she has being gaining any weight, as last time she hadn’t gained any.

As far as progressions she started sitting all by herself around mid December and finally rolled over on a constant basis this week.  Squealing louder and louder with delight, thankfully.  Two bottom teeth!!!!  I wouldn’t have really know she was teething other than something always had to be in her mouth.  New Years ever I felt the first one cut through and then Monday the second one cut through.  She has slept great through the whole thing, with no abnormal behavior.  She loves to eat.  We started with rice cereal, which she just kept grabbing for more and more.  Avacodos were next and are by far her favorite.  She is constantly grinning and making “mmmmm” sounds every time she eats them.  Sweet potatoes took a little while but are now apart of the cycle.  She ate the butternut and acorn squash but seems to get board after awhile along with carrots.  Started Bananas this morning and are already a winner, but not much of a surprise there.  Thankful she seems to be fine trying all the new foods and at least finishes the ones she doesn’t like.  Introducing solids has been another huge change and has forever changed my daily routine, I don’t know where the time goes.  Matt gets home and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done. Crawling will be next and time will fly that much faster.  Before I know it I will be planning her first birthday.  Ugh!  Apart of me is thankful she has taken smaller steps in some areas and hasn’t progressed as fast as the “norm”.

I will try and get more consistent with these.  Here are the pictures from the last 6 weeks.  Enjoy!


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