Wait, what?! It’s November

I’m kind of glad October is over ’cause it was so busy but because of that it flew by like no other.  Hayden is a trooper.  I’m done traveling, she’s done traveling and we’ve packed the suitcases away for the time being.  Hayden has still yet to roll over from her back to her stomach but it looks like it could happen at any moment.  She is slowly starting to scoot though when you put her on her tummy . . . yikes!  She has stepped the squealing up a notch lately!  We love it!  I love that she has fun in her play gym and sequels with delight.  She entertains herself but lets us know when she wants some attention too.  She is so so aware, loves watching people talk and turns her head as soon as she hears another persons voice.  Her grip is starting to hurt, have to be careful with my hair ’cause it is quiet painful and she loves grabbing my face too.  It is at the point where I actually have marks on my face from her pinching.  Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I cut her nails. She is getting stronger and can “sit up” for a couple seconds or more.  We keep the exercises up with using the Bumbo(the little seat to help her sit).  She is starting to extend between feedings and also decreasing the amount of time she does feed.  Thankful ’cause the 30-40min feedings were starting to get old.  If she goes past 20 min. I’m surprised.  The changes are bitter sweet, but continuously grateful that I get to witness all of them.  I think I’ve said this each month, each one gets better and better.
Attached a lot of photos this month.  Hope you enjoy!  Her five month shoot was pretty fun so I’ve attached quite a few.  The expressions are hilarious.


One thought on “Wait, what?! It’s November

  1. Reading your post made me tear up realizing how much she is growing. It’s exciting but is happening so fast. She is so beautiful and precious. You are great parents for her and I’m so proud of you. Love you all so much.

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