Cribs and Giggles

Two weeks in her crib and sleeping 9 + hours at night.  I can’t complain one bit.  She loves talking and we occasionally get some giggles.  Her smiles are gorgeous, each day is a constant competition with myself of how big I can get them.  She is grabbing everything it seems, especially her blankets, which go straight to her mouth.  She loves her play gym with its many toys hanging down.  She even grabbed her rings on her own this past week.  It’s amazing to watch her discover new things.  I wish I could see the world through her bright, blue eyes.


One thought on “Cribs and Giggles

  1. Gosh, what a difference a fe weeks make. She has grown so much – what are you feeding her?! Brooke’s favourite photo is the one of her in her blue and white stripes. What a happy little soul. Thanks so much for the updates, we love getting them. Love us x

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